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støkOLO Surfer - Posable Surf Art

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World's Best Gift for Surfers
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  • ADD A TOUCH OF SURF ART to any room in your home, the office or wherever you love to hang out and have a surfing vibe. The 8″ wooden figure comes to life to demonstrate the fun and madness that goes on out in the waves!
  • PERHAPS THE WORLD’S BEST GIFT FOR SURFERS! The støkOLO Posable Figure re-creates that epic maneuver while surfing. Now you have the perfect gift for the surfer in your life!
  • A GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE share your passion with others in the form of this one of kind posable figure. Fellow surfers will compliment it. Others will marvel over it. Some will have no idea how much you love surfing until they ask you about it!
  • EVOKE THE STOKE Surfers love scoring støkOLO for themselves, showing off their passion for the sport. This unisex figure can be posed in any number of extreme or basic surfing positions. The handsome cooper wire is pliable, yet holds the surfer in place.
  • AN ALL NEW FUN REPRESENTATION You’ve never seen anything that hits the mark for surfing passion like this before. Score yours today!
shredOLO Venice, CA